November 9, 2018 0

PRESS RELEASE: eToro announces GoodDollar experiment to reduce wealth inequality

By Ray

Today in his Web Summit presentation, eToro CEO & Co-Founder Yoni Assia unveiled a universal basic income project called GoodDollar. An initiative near and dear to Yoni’s heart, GoodDollar aims to reduce global wealth inequality through a concept called Crypto Universal Basic Income (UBI)....

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By Ray

Featured Image caption: A visualization of 89 seconds Atomized by Eve Sussman. Founded on the belief that blockchain technology can transform art...

November 9, 2018 0


By Ray

Multi-crypto on-chain wallet with multi-signature security Coming soon - crypto to crypto conversion, deposit fiat, payment in store eToro, the...


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September 30, 2018 0

Six Reasons to Set-Up Blockchain Businesses in South Korea

By Ray

By Daniel Peled, President at Orbs, a complementary production layer to Ethereum that offers unmatched efficiency and scalability Furthering blockchain education is a priority. In order to actively promote and...

September 6, 2018 0

5 ways blockchain can increase customer loyalty — and win brands’ battle for engagement

By Ray

By Gabriele Giancola, CEO and Co-founder of qiibee, the Swiss loyalty token protocol helping brands around the world run their loyalty programs on the blockchain. With Singapore Airlines and Delta Air Lines...

December 28, 2017 1

Ledger Nano S – Protect your coins with a hardware wallet

By Ray

It's been a long time coming, and I wasn't intending on doing this guide originally as there are so many, but after numerous requests I've gotten some time to go through...


Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Trezor - Security Made Easy

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October 2, 2018 0

EXPERT COMMENTARY: 5 Years Since Silk Road Was Shut Down – How Has Cryptocurrency Changed?

By Ray

Five years ago today (October 1st, 2013), bitcoin’s most notorious marketplace, the Silk Road, was shut down by the FBI and its founder Ross Ulbricht arrested. Operating as part of the dark web on a Tor hidden service, the Silk...

June 2, 2018 0

Fighting the autocratic technocracy – ZenCash brings blockDAG, Privacy, Partnership with IOHK and other big guns to help humanity

By Ray

The Human Right to Privacy and Autonomy In a previous article for the privacy coin NAV, I made a significant...

February 11, 2018 1

Nebulas – A Search Engine built on 3rd Generation Blockchain that Rewards Positive Contribution

By Ray

Cool Story Brah Every once in a while there is a paradigm shift; and like the structure within structure of...

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