Boosteroid ICO

Boosteroid ICO

October 12, 2017 36 By Ray

White paper here:

Having successfully completed the pre-ICO, the Boosteroid team is preparing for the first ICO stage that starts on October 23rd and ends on November 6th, 2017.

Total expenses of users working “in the cloud” reached $209,2 billion in 2016, and has significantly grown in 2017, according to the American consulting firm Gartner. The developers state that due to high demand for cloud computing and limited number of released the BTR tokens, the rates of this “local currency” on the cryptocurrency market will increase significantly due to its deficit. That provides investors with the opportunity to make profit out of the BTR tokens.

Everyone can join the ICO and buy any amount of BTR tokens. You can find more information about their project, BTR token and how to gain money out of the Boosteroid ICO on our official website: FB Page:

Naturally, do your due diligence and only risk what you’re willing to loose on any new investment; but this could certainly be one to look at.


Boosteroid to Squeeze Google and Amazon on Cloud Computing Market