Boosteroid ICO

White paper here:

Having successfully completed the pre-ICO, the Boosteroid team is preparing for the first ICO stage that starts on October 23rd and ends on November 6th, 2017.

Total expenses of users working “in the cloud” reached $209,2 billion in 2016, and has significantly grown in 2017, according to the American consulting firm Gartner. The developers state that due to high demand for cloud computing and limited number of released the BTR tokens, the rates of this “local currency” on the cryptocurrency market will increase significantly due to its deficit. That provides investors with the opportunity to make profit out of the BTR tokens.

Everyone can join the ICO and buy any amount of BTR tokens. You can find more information about their project, BTR token and how to gain money out of the Boosteroid ICO on our official website: FB Page:

Naturally, do your due diligence and only risk what you’re willing to loose on any new investment; but this could certainly be one to look at.


Boosteroid to Squeeze Google and Amazon on Cloud Computing Market



  1. Perfect project!! We do have other providers like Amazon, Google and various other cloud service providers but what works in favor of this project is that it has more to offer then these stagnant giants and second the mode of payment in their own token is amazing as well.

    Nowadays everyone uses their computer, tables, and smartphone to connect to the network. A project like this touches all available gadgets hence boosts the need to have it among it’s investors/users.

    1. Yes, it has already started
      I ordering tokens today on the presale , until the price is the lowest.
      23 they will already be on my wallet)

  2. As I know you will be able to order BTR tokens from 9:00 Central European Time (CET) on October 16 till 21:00 (CET) on October 20, 2017. The price of 1 BTR token is $ 0.48.

  3. I compare a lot of ICO’s that have already started this autumn and this is the most impressive and ambitious one. Nobody has done this before you. If everything works out, it will be something incredible. I will buy tokens

  4. Another pretty good project 
    You interested me

    I look today in connection with the fact of gradual legalization of electronic currencies, there is a tendency of investing in the crypto currency.

    Experienced investors and even beginners are becoming interested in this direction more often.

  5. An interesting project, something new on the market of cloud computing with a hint of power. But you have strong competitors and not a simple project implementation. I think if three steps of ICO will pass successfully, you have a chance to realize your idea.

  6. I think now is just the time for buy tokens!
    since now the cost of 1 BTR token is as low as possible – $ 0.48
    then such an opportunity will not be and it will be a pity to miss such a moment.

  7. I usually do not invest in such start-ups, because if in the case of bad results on the ICO itself, all tokens can depreciate.
    But here is a slightly different situation, this project already has investors, due to which it will develop regardless of the results of the ICO.

    This inspires confidence, I think it’s worth trying to acquire some amount of BTR.

  8. Your project does not look like regular ICO, which is just trying to raise money.
    I see the perspectives of your growth.
    And the fact that the project will develop regardless of the result of ISO inspires confidence.

    I will be happy to support you!

    And this is a good opportunity to get a part of the project (even a small one), which later on with the success will increase and can generate revenue. Agree – a good prospect)

    There is another reason why I invest. It’s to help you.
    develop. After all, my modest investment will help the project to rise. And moreover – my help will give impetus to the development of the industry.

    1. The cost of 1 BTR token is $ 0.48 and I think it will grow becouse Boosteroid has imited amount of released tokens. Many projects issue unlimited number of tokens intended for all buyers. However, unlimited emissions lead to inflation. All unsold and undistributed tokens will become invalid when the ICO is completed. Tokens accepted as a payment for services will expire.

  9. I know that there are many people who have invested and were able to earn money, but there are those who lost their investments ..
    What makes you think that this is the project in which it is worth investing?
    Maybe it’s another bubble

    1. Such an assessment can be given to any project, if not to understand it to the end.

      Boosteroid is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.
      But if you don’t need the power, you can re-sell their output over time.

      The demand for rent of cloud computing is constantly growing, and their price is much lower than that of Amazon and others. The more that colloquial tokens are limited!
      There are many factors for growth, read the white paper, everything is clear.

  10. Profitable conditionsInvestors can gain profits from selling them at a higher price.
    Today the minimum price for computing power rent ranges from $ 6.5 to $ 10. Boosteroid offers the same service only for 1 BTR.
    and they can pay for a rent of computing facilities at the lowest price

  11. I invested a decent amount in BTR, so I hope for its growth)

    But I see the perspectives of they growth.
    And the fact that the project will develop regardless of the result of ISO inspires confidence.
    So I don’t worry

  12. The market of cryptocurrencies is a new market that is just developing.
    Most potential investors not only have not yet reached it, but even have not heard of it.
    Its quickly develops
    According to Coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume on bitcoin-exchanges reaches 112 billion dollars, and the share of bitcoin in it is about 38%. On the heels, it comes the alternative cryptocurrency, such as Etherium, Ripple and LiteCoin – after bitcoin, they are the most popular and the largest in terms of capitalization.
    I think this will be a worthy project

    1. I agree with you!
      The possibilities are really big, I already bought tokens today and now it remains to wait for this time and not be tempted to sell the tokens before) As it usually happens to me.
      I start selling as soon as I see the growth of the currency, and then I regret that I hurried when the currency grew many times over

  13. ICO is generally one of the popular investment sectors at the moment.
    And I don’t understand people who actively invest their money in all projects in a row. Before investing the boosteroid, I spent several days to fully study the project.

    I was very interested in the opportunities and prospects of the project and I very much hope that the currency will grow and it can be profitable to sell. Well and certainly it would be desirable to try out independently your service in practice)

  14. Computing power rental price is a real problem!
    The fact that now this service can be used at a normal and favorable price is your step forward and a big challenge to competitors.

    Not bad, guys!

    It’s a pity that I do not do artificial intelligence projects))
    I would also like free 10% of our capacities!

  15. After the ICO, cryptothermins tend to start trading on the exchange, and their price fluctuates depending on how successful the project turned out to be. This is possible as growth in dozens of times, and a significant drop. Here for the investor it is important to correctly assess the prospects of the project, within which the financing was raised.
    Boosteroid is a worthy investment for the project

  16. Ok, if this project already has its own investors and they will continue to develop the project regardless of the results of ICO, why do they need ICO at that time?

    Maybe I don’t understand something?

    1. that faster to buy and setup of equipment to start computing facilities, expand computing power of project.
      And in general to declare yourself and give the opportunity to my people to take part in this project.
      It’s like buying shares from a business that is developing
      people use Amazon, because there are no cheaper analogues.
      And Amazon can’t put the price lower, because they charge so much!
      it will not be profitable for him.

      That’s why they created a Boosteroid!)
      To make these capacities available to every user of the World Wide Web, not just big data companies.

      Due to our own architecture and constant capacity utilization, the cost of cloud computing is significantly reduced. Therefore, they will be able to provide the service at a price much lower than offered by leading market players.

      Guys are real fellows and created a really relevant and progressive project!

      Respecting them for it

  17. Do you think this theme is now really popular?
    Who will buy them, even for 1 BTR?
    Perhaps this is necessary for some big companies, for which the price is generally unimportant, but for ordinary users it is not necessary
    It’s my opinion!

    1. That’s it, it’s just your opinion.
      If you judge only by yourself, you will not achieve much in life)
      At least I think so

      This topic is very popular now and every day it is gaining popularity more and more. These capacities are just necessary for ordinary users. Gamers, miners, people who need to quickly perform some time-consuming work on their regular computers and so on.

      If you don’t need such power, you can just make money by reselling the tokens. Moreover, there is a demand for them and you will necessarily earn on it.

      1. Well, maybe somewhere you’re right
        I would be interested in earning on reselling tokens. But what is the probability that the price of tokens will grow?

  18. You know that the demand for rent of cloud computing is growing, and their price is much lower than that of their competitors, the number of tokens is limited!
    All this affects the growth of the currency.

    And in general, there are many factors for growth and earnings when investing, you should delve into the subject of ICO and earnings on it.

  19. Nobody heard about the launch of the demo version?
    Now you can try their power in practice! It’s just a godsend for miners! With the help of these capacities it will be possible to work much faster.
    Personally for me it is very important

  20. I’ve heard about it, but still I’m looking forward to the final and unlimited version in 2018!)
    But the fact that the guys are confused over the release of the demo version is a big plus for them, because it will perfectly raise their reputation for future investors in the next stages of ICO.

    1. I agree with you, if already and wait for only the final version, what’s the use in a limited version? You can not do anything on it.
      It’s like watching a good movie in poor quality or a normal full-time or no way at all. I think so

      1. Why can’t you do anything?) You can still be able to play games that require high-performance computer, video processing or creating 3D graphics even on the thin-performing device.

    1. Personally, I plan to resell them in the summer, then it will be quite a decent price, but there is already everyone’s business

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