The Flippening – Why I’ve split my investment from Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash

The Flippening – Why I’ve split my investment from Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash

November 10, 2017 2 By Ray

Bitcoin Cash Price and Volumes Surge

Over the last few weeks I’ve been monitoring the situation with Segwit2x, Segwit1x, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. For the last week, some of my closer members of the HODL It Bro Facebook Page and HODL It Bro Group have been advised as to why I was changing my stance to Bitcoin Cash. I’ve arrived at my position after I spent significant time on the subreddit – which has been painting a very different picture to the non-stop and almost religious drum beating of bitcoin core on subreddit. I should make it very clear I’m not basing this on the opinions of the redditors in these subs, but rather after exhaustive research of concepts and articles posted in those areas. After a few days; I rang Jamie, the other Hodl It Bro, and explained what I thought – the discussions concluded when we both committed to buying BCH and HODLing it.

I’ve since written a follow up article here: BCH & BTC – Central Bankers, Manipulation, the state of the landscape post 11/11/17

What I’ve been doing

Personally, I’ve split my BTC and BCH Hodlings 50/50 as of yesterday (November 10 2017) – but watching the situation unfold, it’s entirely possible that I might go top heavy into BCH. I’m scrambling to write this article so the content will be overarching and high level, I think it’s more important to get the post out so that followers of our blog and group can make decisions accordingly. You can do your own research quicker than I can collate and digest it, but in the usual form I will provide additional reading materials for you to start your research and make decisions.

What has been happening

Almost immediately after Segwit2x was suspended, the Bitcoin community started to solidify a split into 2 defined camps. While Segwit1x Core fans were heralding the Segwit2x suspension as an outright victory against corporate and elitist takeover of Bitcoin, the tenor of Bitcoin Cash started to become very clear to me. Many people were putting forward convincing cases for the concept that Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is Bitcoin in name only. Conspiracy or not, the argument was that Bitcoin was going against Satoshi’s whitepaper and the principals therein, of how Bitcoin should operate. Decentralization, transaction speeds, cost of transactions and more – it started becoming obvious to me at least, that these people were correct.

In terms of metrics of market response to the Segwit1x VS BitcoinCash polarization:

In the last few days the volume of BCH has started to escalate:

On shape shift, in the last 24 hours – investors appear to be accelerating their conversions:


While I would normally say that volatility is usual in the cryptocurrency world, as it is a shifting landscape that moves in seconds and minutes rather than months and years, the BTC v BCH contrast has more far reaching implications, beyond that of which is experienced by investors of Alt Coins.

Bitcoin’s movements and behaviour is the concrete to what forms the foundation of cryptocurrency opinion and understanding in the public’s eye. It’s likely that they won’t understand the technology or reasoning behind wild changes, only that there is change and an undermining of “Bitcoin” the brand. The value could well plummet and reduce confidence in Bitcoin Core both as a store of value and a currency for transactions. Assuming Bitcoin Core fails in favour for Bitcoin Cash, then Bitcoin Cash will in my opinion, need to be remained Bitcoin.

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