Philakone: Learn Fibs, Trading Analysis and TA from one of the Masters FOR FREE

Philakone: Learn Fibs, Trading Analysis and TA from one of the Masters FOR FREE

December 1, 2017 0 By Ray

Philakone is absolutely amazing. Philakone has been able to make calls at an extremely high level of accuracy with absolutely bad ass Technical Analysis. We’re talking 15/17 predictions correct, and at-least one of the misses was in my mind, caused by market influences such as Roger Ver getting baited and being triggered into over reaction; coupled with a massive FOMO pump and tether printing. Either-way, you can’t be right all of the time; but getting close and consistently winning over time is what you want for LONG TERM success.

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As the first video is about signing up on Bitfinex, I’ve omitted it. I’ve gone after the specific Tutorials, which I highly recommend you watch.

Tutorial Part 2 How to Analyze Candlesticks Charts with Strategy

Tutorial Part 3 How to Use Moving Average with Strategy

Tutorial Part 4 – Let’s Learn Relative Strength Index RSI with Advanced Strategy

Tutorial Part 5 Let’s Learn MACD and Histogram

Tutorial Part 6 Let’s Learn Margin Trading – Bitfinex Trading Crypto – Long, Short, Leveraging,

Tutorial Part 7 Let’s Learn Basic Risk Management

Tutorial Part 8 Let’s Learn Fibonacci Retracement Part 1

Tutorial Part 9 Let’s Learn Fibonacci Extension Part 2

Tutorial Part 10 Introduction to Laddering

I highly suggest you go through Philakone’s Youtube Channel – start here: Cryptocurrency with Philakone – 1600 in 16 days

If you want to survive day trading and not just be at the mercy of the markets you need to understand technical analysis. While it doesn’t make up 100% of your game, you will not be able to maintain profit without it. You will be one of those people posting in Facebook groups asking what the hell just happened. While fundamentals are absolutely integral to long term hodling, HODLing is just that, buy, put in storage and forget. But if you want to do some quick flips and increase your positions; then you must add TA to your arsenal.

I’ve been learning as fast as I can, and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve hit stop losses. I laddered but ran out of fiat before I hit the bottom. Shit happens. Sometimes assholes cause it. But you learn, you move on without emotion.