PRESS RELEASE: Shyft Unveils Board of Advisors Comprised of Top Crypto, Industry, and Regulatory Leaders  United to Redefine Identity, Regulatory Compliance and Privacy For All

PRESS RELEASE: Shyft Unveils Board of Advisors Comprised of Top Crypto, Industry, and Regulatory Leaders United to Redefine Identity, Regulatory Compliance and Privacy For All

June 23, 2018 0 By Ray

Shyft announced its inaugural group of high-caliber international business and finance, blockchain, economics, and KYC/AML compliance leaders to its advisory board. This group of advisors, who are committed to redefining identity, regulatory compliance and privacy on a global scale, include:

  • Meltem Demirors — Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares; Member of Global Future Council on Blockchain, World Economic Forum
  • Peter Warrack — Chief Compliance Officer, Bitfinex (2nd largest global crypto exchange)
  • Brock Pierce — Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Anthony Di Iorio — Ethereum Co-founder; CEO & Founder, Decentral and Jaxx
  • Lord Meghnad Desai — Noted Economist; Lord Speaker in the British House of Lords
  • Eyal Herzog — Co-founder & Product Architect, Bancor (5th largest ICO ever)
  • Joseph Weinberg — OECD Think Tank Special Advisor; Shyft Chairman


Shyft is disrupting the broken way our world thinks about and manages digital identity. Shyft is streamlining and simplifying data collection, reducing cost and minimizing the risks inherent in traditional compliance systems, while making the global economy accessible for all. Let me know if you’d like to speak with Joseph Weinberg about the current KYC/AML climate, and why the industry is turning to blockchain as a solution for this seemingly unsolvable, global problem. 

St. Michael, Barbados, June 21, 2018Shyft, a leading blockchain-based solution that is building a trusted ecosystem to enable secure and private data transfers, has announced its high profile Board of Advisors. Shyft’s inaugural group of advisors bring deep industry knowledge from international business and finance, blockchain, economics, and Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance. The Board of Advisors will play a critical role in providing strategic guidance across multiple dimensions in Shyft’s mission to make the global economy more efficient and effectively regulated.


Shyft International Chairman Joseph Weinberg says: “At Shyft, we are ambitiously working to redefine the broken way our world uses and thinks about data, the same data that today defines our identity. Our group of advisors understand the dire need for a new system that allows attested data to not only be shared securely and privately, but also a system that can help build reputational identity from this data that can be used globally across borders. This type of identity based on trustworthiness and credibility helps build a global economy that empowers the 3.5 billion people that are currently ‘underidentified’ and ‘unbanked,’ meaning that they are unable to participate in regulatory economies. Our caliber of advisors is second to none in the industry, which a testament to the enormity of the problem and to Shyft as the solution.”


Shyft’s advisors have diverse backgrounds, experiences and broad networks, and can individually and collectively provide unique perspective and strategic direction on the global and complex topic of identity, compliance and privacy, and how a disruptive technology like blockchain can solve a global problem. The advisors were carefully selected to include experts in finance, business, regulation, data privacy, and compliance and AML expertise. The Shyft Board of Advisors includes:


  • Joseph Weinberg — Shyft Chairman; Paycase CEO; Think Tank Specialist to the OECD
  • Meltem Demirors — Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares; Member of Global Future Council on Blockchain, World Economic Forum
  • Daniel Kornitzer — EVP and Chief Business Development Officer, Paysafe Group
  • Anthony Di Iorio — CEO & Founder, Decentral and Jaxx; Ethereum Co-founder
  • Brock Pierce – Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Charlie Schrem — Founder,  Bitcoin Foundation and Crypto.IQ
  • Ben Gorlick — Investor; Chief of Strategy, Paycase; Founder / COO CLoudHashing; CTO CrowdMachine, Blockstream, Peer Nova
  • Marat Kichikov — Managing Partner,  CaBitfurypital
  • Peter Warrack — Chief Compliance Officer, Bitfinex; Director, AML Advisory and Compliance Officer at Bank of Montreal
  • Jeremy Bornstein — SVP and Group Head, Mastercard Canada
  • Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar — CEO and Cofounder, RSK labs; President and Cofounder, Koibanx
  • Desmond McKenzie — Blockchain & Ecosystem Expert, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Lord Meghnad Desai — Noted Economist; Lord Speaker in the British House of Lords
  • Lord Anthony St John — Expert on Foreign Affairs and Clean Technology; Member of British House of Lords
  • Loretta Joseph — OECD Think Tank Advisor; Australian Digital Chamber of Commerce Chair
  • Dr. Jane Thomason — CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact
  • Eyal Herzog — Product Architect, Bancor

Meltem Demirors shares: “Shyft is addressing one of the most challenging issues in our financial system – connecting identity and reputation to legacy financial products and emerging blockchain based financial services.”

Anthony Di Iorio says: “Blockchain and the decentralized economy is about empowering individuals to take control of their digital lives. Today, most institutions hold centralized databases vulnerable to cyberattacks and the masses don’t have control. When I learned of Shyft’s vision to remove borders around personal identity using blockchain, I realized the full influence they will have on the whole global economy and the way we think about digital identity. To me, that is exciting.”

Lord Anthony St. John concludes: “Having spent almost 25 years in the financial services in London, I see on a daily basis how KYC and proper due diligence are of pivotal importance. I also proudly serve on the House of Lords Ad Hoc Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence and am a member of the Parliamentary IT Committee. I am lucky to have a seat the intersection of finance and regulation and appreciate that compliance and due diligence are instrumental to the success of any business. However, KYC procedures are often cumbersome, time-consuming and inefficient. Shyft is unique in that it will deliver a trustworthy, resilient, expeditious, cost-effective and accredited platform.”


In efforts to build and connect the many ecosystems that deal with data and identity today, Shyft will be featuring individual dialogue and commentary from its advisors through its various channels starting in early July. Learn more and connect with Shyft at

About Shyft
Shyft is building the world’s first modern, secure, multi-stakeholder Blockchain-based digital identity ecosystem that enables KYC/AML attested data transfers. Combining privacy of data with efficiency of attestation, Shyft technology will radically streamline and simplify data collection, reduce cost and minimize the cybersecurity risks inherent in traditional compliance systems.  In addition, Shyft is working to make the global economy accessible for all by creating credible reputations for the 3.5 billion consumers who are lacking “identities” by today’s standards. Through participation in the Shyft ecosystem, Shyft is building a more financially-inclusive future for everyone. If you are interested in working with Shyft and integrating your solution with our platform, please get in touch through [email protected] For more information on Shyft, please visit