Press Release: Leading Finance and Technology Executives Join SUKU’s Board of Advisors in Support of its Mission of Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to Supply Chain

Press Release: Leading Finance and Technology Executives Join SUKU’s Board of Advisors in Support of its Mission of Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to Supply Chain

September 14, 2018 0 By Ray

On the heels of the recent British Airways Supply Chain Attack, it is clear that businesses need a solution to bring transparency, efficiency, and product visibility to supply chains in order to operate effectively and maintain consumer trust. Last week, Citizens Reserve announced SUKU, a first of its kind ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ ecosystem aimed at tackling these issues in legacy systems, and now, has just announced on stage at TokenFest the appointment of five key executives to the Board of Advisors for the platform.

Joining the blockchain expertise of Citizens Reserve’s CEO, Eric Piscini, who previously grew Deloitte’s blockchain staff from three people in 2012 to the 1,200 people it is today, is a hand-selected board of esteemed technology, finance, and blockchain executives including:

This new advisory board of seasoned experts will leverage their extensive experience in the space to help further SUKU’s development and implementation.

Founders of Bittrex,, Bloq, and more join SUKU advisory board, bringing decades of knowledge and experience to further the platform’s development and implementation

LOS GATOS, California, September 13, 2018 – Tech startup Citizens Reserve has today announced the appointment of five prominent executives to the Board of Advisors for its SUKU platform. Recently announced, SUKU is a first of its kind ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ ecosystem that aims to tackle issues with legacy systems such as transparency, efficiency, and product visibility. Joining the board of advisors is a hand-selected group of prominent leaders in the finance, technology, and blockchain spaces including Michael Casey, world renowned blockchain author and Chairman of CoinDesk’s Advisory Board; Bill Shihara, co-founder and CEO of Bittrex; Jack Lee, Founding Managing Partner of HCM-Foxconn; Lily Liu, co-founder of, which was acquired by Coinbase; and Matthew Roszak, co-founder and Chairman of Bloq and Founding Partner of Tally Capital.

Eric Piscini, CEO of Citizens Reserve, said “Blockchain technology has the potential to provide truly transformative solutions for businesses around the world, especially in the supply chain space. Following our unveiling of SUKU, the experience and knowledge that will come from these business veterans is pivotal in furthering our mission of solving some of the industry’s most pressing issues surrounding inefficiency, end-to-end visibility, and fragmented communication between companies and chains.”

Michael J. Casey is the Chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board. After 18 years at The Wall Street Journal, Casey is also now an advisor with MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and a lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. He also consults for businesses on the challenges and opportunities in this emerging technology. Casey has authored four books including blockchain bestseller, “The Truth Machine,” co-authored by Wall Street Journal reporter, Paul Vigna.

Casey said, “Today’s supply chains are encumbered by large-scale inefficiency and waste, imposing costs on businesses and contributing to environmental and health threats to human beings. There is great potential to address them through the integration of new information technologies with blockchain technology. I’m excited to engage with Citizens Reserve in developing the platforms and systems needed to make that happen.”

Bill Shihara is co-founder and CEO of Bittrex, a leading US-based digital asset trading platform. In addition to his significant blockchain expertise, he brings nearly two decades of cybersecurity experience, most recently serving as Security Engineering Manager at Amazon, and the Manager of Security Threat Analysis and Security Engineering at BlackBerry. Prior to his position at BlackBerry, Shihara spent several years at Microsoft working on the Trustworthy Computing team and on the Windows Operating System.

Jack Lee is a Founding Managing Partner of HCM Capital. He is also co-founder and Executive Director of Chained Finance Ltd., a blockchain-based automatic supply chain finance company, and founder and Executive Director of Foxconn Finance Platform. Prior to his current roles, Lee was an investment director at Foxconn Technology Group and worked extensively in investment banking and capital markets for Taiwan-based Yuanta Polaris Financial Group, JPMorgan, and Citi, and others.

Lily Liu is former co-founder and CFO of, a blockchain-based platform that is making it possible to use digital currency to send and receive targeted, paid microtasks. She brings a strong background of financial experience, having held positions at KKR and McKinsey & Company, as well as serving as Chief Financial Officer at Chinaco Healthcare Corporation.

Matthew Roszak is co-founder and Chairman of Bloq, a leading blockchain technology company. He is also Founding Partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain-enabled technology with a portfolio of over 50 direct investments, including Binance, Block.One, Civic, Orchid, tZERO, Qtum, and more.

Casey, Shihara, Lee, Liu, and Roszak will support the strategic development of SUKU and will aid in implementing the platform’s unique ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ concept to eradicate obstacles in supply-chain by providing visibility of products, access to capital and innovation, and engagement between stakeholders. The platform also aims to empower more socially responsible practices among trading partners by providing greater awareness about the provenance and origin of goods, as well as the values of the organizations they work with.

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